Self-Healing Concept & Longevity

Today, I would like to share the ancient TCM’s technique of self-healing, which is supplementary to the process of all healing.  It is called the “Lajin & Paida technique”

On my research, western doctrine scientists claim the following: 

  • You could extend your life by two years simply by not sitting down for hours on end.
  • By only seated for a maximum of three hours a day typically live an extra two years.
  • 1-Hour run may extend your life by 7 hours

What do all these claims have in common and how it affects and preventing the modern diseases? A stationary lifestyle or a lifestyle lack typical activities, are all I could sum up with!

Advancement of science and technology in new era has made life more comfortable and convenient, this reduced the amount of  movements & activities and therefore increased more tension in the tendons.

As we aged, our tendons, ligaments and muscles will occur in different degree of contractions. The result of such tractions tend to manifest in various forms and these are  the primary cause of aging and many chronic diseases.


tendon_ligament_diagramThe different between a tendon and a ligament.

A tendon is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches muscle to bone. Tendons may also attach muscles to structures such as the eyeball. A tendon serves to move the bone or structure. A ligament is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches bone to bone, and usually serves to hold structures together and keep them stable.



Here are the various forms of symptoms many individuals may experience due to tendons/ligaments/muscle tractions that evolved into contractions.

  1. Shortening the length of the face, lumbar, back, and legs
  2. Neck, shoulder and back tightness, waist stiffness
  3. Back and leg pain
  4. Ligament tension in the hip
  5. Inflexibility of  thighs, hands, feet, elbow and knee due to tendons
  6. Chronic diseases: High Blood Pressure/Diabetic/Alzheimer/Dementia etc etc

Among all the things one can do to prevent chronic diseases, and reversing above said symptoms and enjoy longevity; is to engage oneself with self-healing technique. That is to exercise regularly by keeping your BLOOD PUMPING and HEART WORKING; most importantly, is the stretching of the tendons to ensure a good flow of blood circulations.

Lets move on and see my findings and the nifty  part of “Ancient Eastern Doctrine”.

The ancient Chinese saying: 筋长一寸,寿延十年 

My translation: The lengthening of the Tendon by an inch, leads to ten more years of longevity.

Such saying is almost non-existence in the western healing approach. Is this argument really scientific?  what does it have to do with modern diseases and longevity?

There is an old saying in China, which is “骨正筋柔,气血自流“When bones are in the right alignment and tendons are soft, blood and Qi (the pushing power for moving the energy and blood in the body) will circulate smoothly by themselves”. Lajin & Paida removes the blockages through softening your tendons, and thus help cure diseases.

According to the ancient Chinese medicine doctrine – the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine:  the myriad of most diseases are caused by blockages in the meridian systems (acupuncture is based on meridians which is the energy channel in your body).  If you remove these blockages, and make the Qi and blood running smoothly within the meridians, these diseases are on its way to recovery. Too good to be true? Read on….

What is Paida & Lajin?

Paida means the slapping on the body meridian points (either with your palm or a slapping pat), and you will see the Sha (which can be manifested in hue of red to purplish). The darkish the colour, denoting the intensity of toxicity within the inner terrain. The poisoning blood that resurfacing and manifested on the skin were blockages in the tendons.


Lajin means “stretching the tendons”. In TCM doctrine, it is said that tendons tend to contract when it stay stationary for a long time: the sedentary lifestyle causes traction and injured one’s tendons and produce reflective contractions and spasms. While, over-stressing of the tendons will reflect the same injury.  Whenever there are blockages, you will feel the pain during Lajin & Paida session.

There are many free, cheap and effective ways to de-contract one’s tendons to keep yourself towards healthier lifestyle.

How to achieve a stretch and de-contract these tendons?

One can either lying down or standing up to achieve de-contractions! Easy-Peasy….

By lying down, yoga or palates is one form of stretching, while standing up and walking is one other way to have your tendons stretch. There are many self-help stretching techniques available on-line. My chiropractor has also advocated stretching as part of my daily routine to achieve a healthier spine.

I have found out that, one other quick and effective way is the used of Slant Board. Any health-conscious person will be quick to learn the advantages of this simple yet powerful device.

This is a Slant board 


It is a flat-surfaced device with multiple slanted angle which is made from durable wood or lightweight strong composite plastic material and is used to keep our muscles & tendons in perfect shape, as it automatically realign our feet, hips, and back and shoulders. This in turn improve the performance of our muscles, and  cut down on cases of injury during exercises. If you’re an athlete or someone suffering from Achilles tendon injuries, this board will also help to relieve you of the pain.

This little workhorse is useful for not just leg related pains and injuries, but also aid in proper blood circulation and to soften our tendons

On the first month of used along with the Paida Pat, I noticed my calves been realigned and the occasion aches I used to have has diminished rapidly within weeks. I have also experienced some forms of detoxification, manifested on my skin. Yes, I’ve got the dry skin effects and minor itches here and there for almost 2 weeks.

With all benefits been said, I have to stress how effective this device has worked wonderfully on me. I have personally using it for the last 3 months, and seen and felt the good effects and share this here.

Hope you find the important of stretching one’s tendons and commence your regular regime to kickstart a good healthy lifestyle. Good luck to all!!!




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