The Importance Of Understanding Your Inner Terrain To Natural Healings

What is your nutritious diet type and how will it affect your natural healing process?

As an alternative & natural cure activist, I came to realise that, there are tons of natural strategies and diets to cater for the different types of degenerative diseasea and autoimmune disorder. Why some protocols work great with one individual but not to another, while vegan swears, by adopting pure green & juicing diet works beautifully. With that being testified, strangely, why a vegan diet almost killed Angelina Jolie? A Vegan Diet Almost “Killed” Angelina Jolie. I have a zillion of doubts and questions, that is, what’s wrong with green & juicing diet that can turn our internal system immaculately clean, yet Angelina Jolie, responded otherwise.

Dr Lorraine Day

Dr. Lorraine Day, was a surgeon by profession, reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies. She adopted at least thirty over strategies (one of the few was juicing as part of her protocol) that nearly killed her.  Dr. Day is totally healthy and cancer-free, takes no medications whatsoever, and has no aches or pains anywhere.  It has been more then twenty years since her cancerous tumour first appeared. She is currently at her late 70s. Here is her official website. What puzzled me is,  she had moved from one protocol to another, a total of 30 (she mentioned it in her video – Cancer don’t scare me any more) to mention the least. Did she aware of her internal terrain when she first started on a natural fight in cancer?

Dr Joseph Mercola

Next in line, I would like to discuss about Dr Joseph Mercola, an alternative medicine proponent, and an osteopathic physician

Many years ago, I subscribed to Dr Mercola’s newsletter and was directed to take a nutritious typing diet. The diet types are classified into, Vegan, Protein and Combination Vegan/Protein Type. Dr Mercola, explain in his newsletter, in his earlier year of his life, he adopted green and juicing as his primarily diet / protocol, only to realise he became thinner, hagged and unhealthier with the vegan protocol. When he added protein into the regimen, he started to gain more energy.  He came to understand that, we have a unique biochemistry and genetics. Foods process and utilise nutrients differently in our body. Therefore, when we adopt a diet based on a specific nutritional type, said Dr Mercola: “that will resolve most health disorders and achieve optimum health”. Yet again, does it help for one to bring awareness of his/her Inner Terrain, prior embarking into Dr Mercola Diet Types?

Dr Lorraine Day vs Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr Lorraine Day and Dr Joseph Mercola, both have been in that dark journey to find the best diet for themselves after several trial and error. What do both of them have in common when they embarked into a optimal health protocol?

Well, If you have faithfully read most of the articles presented to you from this website,  Diet, Harmonizing Ying & Yang, is one of the most informative links that educate you wisely, the doctrine to Tradtional Chinese Medicine, that is to understand your body constitution, and find out what foods are best for you before embark in any natural strategies or treatments.

I have never had a good digestive system or gut,  TCM has taught me that, a hard core green and juicing will never works perfectly for me. Cold drinks  and foods will never bring harmony to me either. My TCM practitioner repeatedly diagnosed a weak spleen and a lack of Qi in me, i have “deficiency of Yang”. My Yin & Yang  was disrupted. This was my prognosis. (If this is too technical for you, go to Diet, Harmonizing Ying & Yang)

I was to seek a balance diet, my practitioner based on the 4 different situations & energies in me (Inner terrain or body constitution) and determine the right energies of food  & medicine to perfect my state of physical energies and emotional balance to reach harmony. I have also noticed that Paleo Diet is one of the best diet that matches perfectly well with my body constitution. My diet comprises,  high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates.

I hope you can try to understand your own “internal terrain” before embarking into any natural treatments. Good Luck in your fight in any diseases!


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