Why I Took These Supplments

When I had eczema and decided to declare a war, it leads me to understand that, the fastest way to declining a health or to reverse any healing are all in our diet. Due to mass delusion, most of us need to fundamentally change our perception of food and nutrition. Nothing less will get you to the results you need. Most of your beliefs about diet probably come from unreliable , non scientific sources, such as advertising, family traditions, and misinformation from the food industry – which is designed to increase its profits.

With that being said, modern food & nutrient are causing an enormous amount of disease.  We accumulate toxins faster than we can get from our diets, high quality organic foods or supplementing the required quality supplements are very crucial as part of the protocol.

I am not a vegan, and I don’t eat much vegetable in most part of my life. I changed the usual diet to pure vegetable juices, eat moderate fish & meats and added more fruits & wholesome supplements, when I desperately, determine to  reverse my condition.

I will explain how each of these supplements work for me, and thereby achieving a healing reactions. Brand & Product selected are based on my budget which is of low maintenance (about US$100/month or less).  That is to say, I spent long hours to research and study nutrition & supplementation,  and eventually outlined an “eczema meals”.  In order not to over spend on supplements, I carefully selected  supplements that’s of great  potency, quality and effectiveness. You have a choice to choose what you need to eat, and buy those supplements that are more beneficial by comparison to potency & values. Do you homework well in advance!!!

Last but not the least, you need to understand what Healing reactions are when you decided to reverse any diseases. Healing reactions are temporary symptoms that occur only on deep healing regimens in which the body retraces or goes back and heals old infections, wounds, injuries, or other imbalances from the past.  Many are related to eliminating toxic substances, healing chronic infections, or metabolic shifts that take place as a body heals and its vitality increases.

Other texts may refer to healing reactions as flare-ups, retracing reactions, die-off reactions, purification reactions, or the reversal process.  Click here for a detailed read up..

It is best to get yourself educate with this health  knowledge  before embarking in any programs. I am certain that will remove any uncertainties and fear during the healing process. Please consult a health care professional if you are uncertain on natural healing.

Here It Is An Explanation Of Each Supplements I Took These supplements

1. Probiotic

It’s important to understand that many diseases that seem to be totally unrelated to the gut – such as eczema,  psoriasis, or arthritis – are actually CAUSED by gut problems.  Most of us (including most doctors) do not recognize or know that digestive problems wreak havoc in the entire body, leading to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer, and more. I am one of those, who suffered from digestive problems since young. So having a healthy gut means more than simply being free of annoyances like bloating or heartburn!

There are bugs in your gut that form a diverse and interdependent ecosystem like a rainforest. In fact, there are 500 species and 3 pounds of bacteria in your gut which form a HUGE chemical factory that help you digest your food, regulate hormones, excrete toxins, and produce vitamins and other healing compounds that keep your gut and your body healthy.

This ecosystem of friendly bacteria must be in balance for you to be healthy. Too many of the wrong bacteria, like parasites and yeasts, or not enough of the good ones, like Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria, can seriously damage your health. So keeping a healthy balance of bugs in your intestines is one factor to good gut health. First line of defend begins with a good dose of Probiotic.

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I began taking Probiotic on the 10 months of my eczema war, took a high potency brand with 70billions bacteria comprises of 12 strains of Probiotic for 3 consecutive months. Don’t seem to feel any effects then, but I was certained, the repairing was in the making and thus getting me ready to push out all impurities with minimal die-offs.

2. Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass has an extremely high nutrient content. Similar in structure to hemoglobin, it is said to contain every vitamin and mineral needed by the human body. Wheatgrass flood our body with therapeutic dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. It is also a powerful detoxifier, for digestive system, liver and blood. It helps to neutralize toxins and environmental pollutants in the body as it contains highly beneficial enzymes that help protect us from free radical. Because it is absorbed by the blood stream within moments of consumption, this means surplus energy can be used for other bodily functions such as repair and replenishment.

Among other things wheatgrass is particularly high in chlorophyll. Wheatgrass cleanses and builds the blood due to its high content of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and therefore contains more healing properties than any other elements.

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I have regarded Wheatgrass / Bareleygrass as one of most powerful energizer and detoxifier inside out. It also contains cleansing elements with healing properties to  spark detoxification with a healing reactions.  I read that you will see result within 3 weeks. Apparently, it worked almost effectively on me, after my first bottle of used in a month.

3.  Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably best known as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are forms of molecules that help keep chemical reactions in our body in check. In particular, antioxidants help prevent excessive activity on the part of free radical molecules. (Free radicals are forms of molecules that tend to be very reactive, and too many free radicals in the wrong place at the wrong time can do damage to our cells and tissue.) Vitamin C and other antioxidants help prevent that damage. Damage to the lens of the eye, damage to molecules circulating around in our bloodstream, and damage to genetic material (DNA) in our cells are all examples of damage that have been shown to be prevented under certain circumstances by vitamin C.

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By consuming Wheatgrass / Barleygrass, our body will naturally switch to a detoxification mode, where excessive activities are at work internally. You may have die-off reactions at this stage. The Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant will power up and fight with the free radicals that were released during detoxificiation.  Anti-oxidants will help ease the die off symptoms.

4. Detoxifibre

Detoxifibre is a wholefood fiber blend that supports internal cleansing, and impedes toxin recirculation.  Toxins, including those excreted by the liver, are mainly removed from the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Once inside the intestines, toxins are either eliminated or re-circulated into the body. This “entero-hepatic recirculation” of toxins is a major obstacle to the body’s complete removal of environmental toxins. DetoxiFiber has an exceptional absorbing capacity and ability to resist breakdown and fermentation by intestinal flora. This impedes toxins captured by its fibers from being re-circulated back into the body, maximizing toxin removal. It contained no psylium and sweeteners or other flavorings and it features gentle on the tummy, excellent for those who has IBS or sensitive digestion like me.

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I started using Detoxifibre in June/2013. This was the very first supplement I started in my protocol mainly because I needed it to address the most important issue which is my gut and digestive. This is a form of colon cleanse and it is one of the must have fibre supplement in my opinion.I beleive, my die-off reactions were at its minimum, mainly due to this bottle of fibre. Subsequently i added wheatgrass, vitamin and proline&lysine into the protocal by Jul and Aug 2013.

5. Proline / Lysine


Proline is an amino acid needed for the production of collagen and cartilage. It keeps muscles and joints flexible and helps reduce sagging and wrinkling that accompany UV exposure and normal aging of the skin.

Proline helps the body break down proteins for use in creating healthy cells in the body. It is absolutely essential to the development and maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissues, especially at the site of traumatic tissue injury.

However, people recovering from traumatic injury, paticularly skin injuries such as severe burns, or eczema healing may want to supplement this amino acid. Proline may be in supplements used to promote Skin health, usually in combination with vitamin C.

The recommended therapeutic dose is between 500mg and 1,000mg daily, in combination with vitamin C. People with liver or kidney disease should not take this or any other amino acid supplement without first consulting their physician. Getting too much of any one amino acid can throw the citric acid cycle out of balance, which makes the liver and kidneys work harder to eliminate toxins.


Lysine is involved in the production off antibodies for a strong, healthy immune system, which may be part of the reason it is so effective at fighting viruses. This amino acid promotes the formation of both collagen and muscle protein, and may help speed recovery from surgery and sports injuries as well.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that is well-known for its antiviral properties

Lysine is one of the essential amino acids, which means it cannot be manufactured in the body and must be obtained from dietary sources. Good sources of lysine include cheese, eggs, fish, lima beans, milk, potatoes, red meat, soy products, and yeast.

The recommended daily dose for Lysine is 500mg  to 1000mg per day.

L-lysine could interfere with certain other medications and supplements, so talk to your doctor about these potential drug interactions before taking the amino acid. Also consult a health care professional before giving L-lysine supplements to a child or taking L-lysine while pregnant or breast-feeding.

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Supplementing with lysine and proline is amazing for skin, makes it extremely smooth, which makes sense considering vitamin c, lysine and proline are the 3 ingredients needed to make collagen. As part of my protocol, to ensuring a healthy recovering skin, I took this supplement in early Aug 2013 to ensure a proper skin healing process.

6. MSM Powder

MSM is an abbreviation for methyl-sulfonyl-methane, which is an organic sulfur compound. This compound is the third largest nutrient found in the human body and is found in all vertebrates. MSM is also an ingredient found in quite a few foods, meat, dairy products as well as vegetables

MSM considerably increases the permeability of your cells which means that it increases cells capability of flushing out excess fluids and toxins. This mechanism has a very important detoxifying effect, making way for essential nutrients into your system and thereby improving the overall functioning of your cell membranes.

Owing to this increased permeability, these cells then need a lesser amount of energy to deal with the accumulated toxins. Moreover, due to the detoxification, it becomes easier for the body to absorb nutrients, which in turn reduces the amount of energy spent on digestion of your food.

The sulfur provided by MSM produces generous quantities of collagen and keratin, both of which are vital for healthy hair and nails. In fact, MSM is often referred to as the ‘beauty mineral’ owing to its ability to add to enhance the thickness and strength of nails as well as hair in a very short span of time. Moreover, research also shows that MSM is quite helpful in the treatment of skin conditions such as:

    Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Acne and Dandruff

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MSM is a powerful sulfur compound that draws out toxins in the deeper cellular level. For this particular reason, i bought this to ensure toxins were scraped out effectively like a bloom out from my system. MSM was added in early Aug/2013, by end month of August 2013, I began to notice more flare-ups. Is this a coincident, or it’s the synergy of all other supplements in the making? I don’t have an answer for you.. I took MSM all in the name of beauty,  for nice nails,  hair and skin.

7 & 8. Omega 3 & 6 Oil (EPA & DHA & ALA) Plant or Protein Base

Over the past century or so, we have skewed our fatty acid intake by eating animal fat and more vegetable oils, so that we’re getting way too many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3s, too many unsaturates and not enough saturates, I am certain, that will whack our hormone out of balance!!!

Omega-3 can help eczema sufferers reduce the severity of their symptoms, it is effective in reducing inflammation in the blood and tissues. Regular consumption of omega 3 supplements, tablets, pills and capsules is helpful to those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases.

Omega-3 fats are acquired from both animal and plant sources, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to what type you should take to get the best omega-3 benefits.

Marine animals such as fish provide eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are mostly promoted for their protective effects on your heart. Flaxseed, chia, hemp, and a few other foods, on the other hand, offer alpha-linoleic acid (ALA).

You would want to choose an animal-based variety – most of the health benefits linked to omega-3 fats are linked to the animal-based EPA and DHA, not the plant-based ALA.

Furthermore, ALA is converted into EPA and DHA in your body at a very low ratio. What this means is that even if you consume large amounts of ALA, your body can only convert a relatively small amount into EPA and DHA, and only when there are sufficient enzymes.

Remember, though, that plant-based omega-3 fats are NOT inherently harmful. Ideally, what you want to do is include an animal-based form in your diet. For instance, you can combine flax and hemp in your diet with animal-based omega-3s.

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Omega 3 effectively reduced many inflammations in our blood and tissues, which is unknown to us, when the repair is oblivious at work in our healing mechanism. I took both plant and marine base types of Omega 3, to avoid any shortages of the two during my program.

Most people – including health care practitioners – don’t seem to understand is that not all fish oils are created alike. There’s a tremendous difference in the ingredients, purity, freshness and therapeutic benefit of the fish oils available today. The supplement industry is rife with false claims and unsavory companies that are far more interested in profiting on the fish oil craze than they are in your health and well-being. Choose your label wisely.

9. Raw Garlic

If you want a simple way to increase the disease-fighting power of your meals, be generous with your use of high-quality herbs and spices. This applies year-round, but as cold and flu season nears, you may want to consider spicing things up more than you might normally.

Garlic cloves contain many vital nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Garlic contains sulfur compounds from the amino acid allicin, which is most noted for producing garlic’s powerful odor

Garlic Contains a High Amount of Antioxidants, it emits medicinal effects fighting bacterial and fungal.  It boosts one’s immune system, and serve as an inflammation properties that works beneficially during Eczema’s die-off.

I have regarded garlic as one of the most powerful spices to reverse inflammation and to ease any die offs during the eczema fight. Here is how you eat it. Raw garlic (you eat it at night at bed time.  You don’t chew it, just swallow it after cutting it into small pieces.  Start with one clove and build up to 3 cloves every night).  Continue with the 3 cloves of garlic until the infection is gone (3 to 4 weeks), then stop taking any garlic. Before consuming the garlic it is best to allow the cut or crushed garlic to be exposed to the air for at least 5 to 10 minutes in order for the compounds to become fully activated.


Declaring a war with eczema, may end up to be a constant battle, if you are not strict to your strategy. It gets better, then worse, back and forth constantly, delibitate your conviction to victory. No ones want to be in that dark, helpless, and a dubious journey.

A healing process required inflammation stages to take place,  to overcome and get rid of impurities. Once you understand why the body is going through this die-off and inflammation and what happens during the detoxification stage, you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did. That is, if I didn’t detoxify now, I will end up with a chronic degenerative disease such as heart related, diabetes and cancer etc etc etc.  The fact that my body had the strength to detoxify was comforting enough to believe that my body also has the strength to heal.  It was just a matter of time before the healing process would start and the detoxification will stop.

The condition of my eczema may not be the worse among all other victims who are reading this right now. I have to stress and repeatedly reminding all readers that, what put into your mouth determine the duration of the war. When I first experienced with eczema breakout, I done nothing for a year and it took me the next 18 months, on trial and error to win the battle victoriously. The last 3 months of my raging war, was not a wonderful journey so as to speak. It was clouded with tremendous fears and uncertainties, being a lonely fighter surrounded with people who couldn’t comprehend the logic of of my natural healing conviction. Many who had witnessed how my eczema aggravated and flourished see me with their puzzling expressions . And FINALLY when the die-off stopped at a complete episode, everyone was amazed and happy with my victory.

I have been very blessed and fortunate among many other victims of eczema, as I had very very minimum die-off reactions during my eczema’s war. I believe, I have done all the right things and follow all rules strictly. I have done it and so can you.

Final Sidenote:

I am very cautious about recommending or consuming supplements, as I believe it is best off getting our nutrients from healthful, whole organic foods. But, I’m also realistic, and I understand a perfect diet is hard to come by these days, so some supplements I believe can be quite beneficial.

It would make sense that, if you’re suffering from a decrease in normal dietary, supplementing with something that’s relatively safe and inexpensive would do the trick. God Blessed & Good Luck with your fight.


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