Eczema Easing Wounds, Healing & Dressing

Eczema – Open Wounds That Won’t Heal

Toxins are eliminated through various channels, the normal channels with their signs of elimination are:

  1. Lungs (breathed out – may manifest as bad breath, coughing)
  2. Skin (a worsening of the eczema condition)
  3. Liver/bowel (dark, foul smelling stools)
  4. Kidneys (dark, strong smelling urine)

In eczema, when the normal channels of elimination (kidney and liver) are overtaxed, the body ends up using an alternate avenue of elimination; the skin. If, however, your immune system has already been compromised, wounds would refuse to heal; no matter how hard your try.  It will manifest with itches, dryness, dark spots, patches, and worse of it all, a series of oozing eczemic wounds.

The simple law to naturally healing, which I could never comprehend during the first 15 months of “MyWar” with eczema.   Driven me to move from one protocol to another, just to name the few;  TCM, Homeopathy, Herbs, Supplementaton, Dieting & Conventional Cure with Steroid Cream & Prenosinode.  These are naturally healing protocols that I had experienced with several weird reactions. The symptoms, such as itches, breakouts, tweating of skin and eyes etc. Put me in distressed and  I was convinced, these protocols don’t work. I finally declared my defeat and put all healing programmes to a halt, and adopted the conventional way with Steroid & Prenosidone. Just as I would love to believe, Steroid Cream is the most wonderful cream that has even been invented! Off course, the relieve was short live. It’s the worse decision I had ever made.

However, adopting the naturally cure seems to manifest the worse of the die-off reactions, the gain and returns are ten folds in my opinion. Here is a guide for you to handle pain and care.

Eczema Easing Pain, Care & Dressing

1. Can I Do Anything to Ease The Pain and Itching?

Many victims  eases the symptoms of eczema by using topicals (chemicals or natural); to that degree the cleansing/healing is slowed down or stopped. The reason the skin continues to excrete lymphatic fluids causing the itching and crusting of the skin, is because it is an integral part of the body´s natural corrective cleansing measures. The body uses the skin to cleanse since the normal channels of elimination (intestinal tract, liver and kidneys) are congested. If you try to stop the eczema symptoms through the use of external creams, you are suppressing the cleansing process and the body will continue to be retoxified. This action is an open invitation to the body to direct itself to even more harmful and painful attempts for ridding itself of unwanted and unhealthy toxins. The practice of suppressing the cleansing symptoms also prolongs the length of the healing cycle if not putting the self-healing on hold totally.

Back in Oct/2013 when the wounds of my eczema was at its worse, (complete bloom stages of the inflammation) I did nothing, but religiously nursing the wounds. I believe,   the supplements & garlic I took, help eased and healed the condition.

According to Donia Alwi (Check her website), the best ways to deal with eczema´s pain and itching is not through the use of external creams, but through the use of enzyme therapy (taking enzyme supplements). Here´s what Dr. Anthony Cichoke in his book, Enzyme Therapy says about how to use enzymes to help with eczema´s pain and itching: “Enzyme therapy can work from the outside in and from the inside out. Systemic enzyme therapy is used to reduce the signs of inflammation, including pain, swelling, and redness. Enzymes can stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, help speed tissue repair, bring nutrients to the damaged area, remove waste products, and enhance wellness” (Cichoke, p. 197). You may try this if it works for you.

2. Dealing with Eczema Naturally

Infection  is always there on the skin when you have eczema. Broken skin provides an environment where micro-organisms can flourish. As a result, skin infections are very common. It is at your best interest, you do not scatch whenever it itches, as this will lead to broken skin, infection occurs only when the bacteria penetrates the skin’s barrier causing a series of pain. I used to itch until blood will come out of my skin. Itching is simply unavoidable when you have eczema. This in turn causes the skin to crack and split and become red and inflamed, warm and moist – a perfect home for bacteria. This is made worse by the itch-scratch-itch cycle and the vicious cycle that follows. It is also possible that the dry skin of atopic eczema is deficient in certain fatty acids, which may encourage the growth of bacteria. You may see from the bucklist of supplements I took, I bought two different types of Omega 3 fatty acids oil – (Plant & Protein Base) just in case either one doesn’t absorb optimally. I have to say, administering with those supplements I bought, managing MY FINAL ECZEMA WAR comes much manageable.

Here are all the list of foods to protect from having the infection spread:

  Raw garlic (you eat it at night at bed time.  You don’t chew it, just swallow it after cutting it into small pieces.  Start with one clove and build up to 3 cloves every night).  Continue with the 3 cloves of garlic until the infection is gone (3 to 4 weeks), then stop taking any garlic.

  Raw coconut oil, at least 3 tablespoons a day (continue on this until complete healing).

  Large amounts of acidophilus, bifidus and a full spectrum probiotics micro blended with organic micro algae.

  Fresh papaya seeds crushed in a coffee grinder, 2 tablespoons a day (do this along with the garlic for 4 weeks and then stop).

  Raw manuka honey, one tablespoon with hot water and 1/2 of a lemon.

  Ginger (fresh), either boil a few pieces and drink the tea or juice it.

  Olive leaf extract supplement or grape fruit seed extract supplement.

  Organic turmeric, cumin and ginger powders (1/2 teaspoon each).  Take with meal or with just water to help reduce inflammation.

3. Eczema Nursing & Dressing

Try to wear fabrics made of 100% cotton, as they seem to provide the best comfort. Cotton is very “breathable”, which helps to prevent skin irritation. Choose loose-fitting clothing that does not rub against the skin.  Although polyester may appear smooth and lightweight, this fabric contains tiny fibres that can result in intense irritation. The harshness of synthetics, wool, hemp, mohair or rough linen can also irritate skin and cause a ‘flare up’ of symptoms. Some eczema sufferers must avoid denim and leather, which can provoke skin due to heat build-up and the roughness of certain denim fabrics.

Alternatively, clean off the wound, find some gauze pads or gauze rolls to cover the wounds,  change it twice daily


And just as every action is motivated by an underlying incentive, every decision has a related consequence. Hope you will continue your search for a cure, never give up. Eczema can be pretty irritating, in fact it’s devastating. Nurse it well. Wishing you get well soon.

Drop me a mail at if you wish to further clarify my protocol.  With no obligations, I would love to share with you.



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