The Natural Healings Approach

“Every year over 97% of your body is completely replaced, even the struture of the DNA in your genes, reconstructed entirely from the nutrients we eat. The quality of those nutrients we eat, quality of those nutrients determines the quality of your renewed cellular structure, the level at which it can function and its resistance to disease. “  – Dr Michael Colgan

Here are a brief explanation of my healing approach, you may need to google more to find out for yourself, if you think the information is insufficient or you are still skeptical.

1. Diet & Eczema

This section is a little lengthy, please bear with the writeup as it is one of the most important game changer to every eczema’s warrior.

If you have eczema, what you put in your mouth, determined whether your condition will improve or deteriorate. First things first, you need to Remove all offending foods and promote right diets and lifestyle. You need to follow this rule, very very strictly.

A) Removing Offending Foods

Many things can make their eczema worse. These are known as ‘triggers’ for the eczema. If food does trigger the eczema it is often only one or two food types, rather than many.

There are two types of reactions, Immediate reaction comes with redness and itching of the skin developing within 2 hours of eating the food. While, Delayed reaction in this case the eczema may gradually get worse (more redness and itch) over 24-48 hours or longer after ingesting the food.

The foods most commonly found in both delayed and immediate reactions are cows’ milk, egg, wheat and peanuts. The overreaction to food proteins such as gluten, as seen in people with celiac disease; a self-destructive attack of the body with rheumatoid arthritis; or long-term inflammatory activity that culminates in a host of ailments, such as circulatory disease, some cancers, skin disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

Most Eczema victims, and I am convinced, are gluten intolerance, I am one of them. It is a must for you to remove gluten from your diet, if you vow a conviction to reverse any eczema. Check this link to see what ingredients in gluten!       Link to food you should avoid.

In addition, I adopted an alternative approach been named as Bio Resonance Therapy, to find out what were my allergies.  I scored worse for gluten. See below under Bio Resonance Therapy for more details.

B) Eczema & Good Diet

Eczema diet is based on the logic to reversing eczema and gaining health and vitality from the nutritional components found in foods, not pharmaceuticals (chemical formulas). We may know scientifically that nutrients found in foods can help prevent nearly all the common degenerative diseases that strike us today. Following this eczema diet can really make a difference for you. Here it goes:

1) Make sure to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your anti-eczema diet. A growing body of evidence suggests that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with eczema flare ups.

2) Nutrition can be improved by the consumption of whole foods, fresh juices, super foods supplements and food concentrates.

3) Spices or herbs that help us feel warmer and improve circulation, this includes black pepper, cucummin, tumeric, cinnemon, garlic, ginger and horseradish.

I took raw garlic, for a month to fight inflammation and ease die off reaction when my eczema wounds flourished. It helped to keep the inflammation under control.

2. Eczema Healing Through Detoxification

Since a degenerative disease can be caused by nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxic waste in the human body, it follows that in order to heal from a disease, whether in the form of eczema, ulcers, obesity or whatever, detoxification must first take place.

The healing process takes place in three stages of detoxification:

1. elimination of toxins,

2. breakdown and removal of diseased cells and

3. rebuilding of tissues. (*These steps assume the daily intake of good nutrients and ceasing the intake of toxins from all sources.) Follow these stages of detoxification and you will find your body healing from eczema.

Detoxification stages:

1. Elimination of toxins: This is the discarding of toxins stored throughout the tissues of the body. These are eliminated once a good diet provides the minerals and organic nutrients to cells to generate enough energy to carry toxins out of the body via the elimination processes.

Toxins are eliminated through various channels, the normal channels with their signs of elimination are:

1.  Lungs (breathed out – may manifest as bad breath, coughing)

2.  Skin (a worsening of the eczema condition)*

3.  Liver/bowel (dark, foul smelling stools)

4.  Kidneys (dark, strong smelling urine)

In eczema, the normal channels of elimination (kidney and liver) are overtaxed and the body ends up using an alternate avenue of elimination; the skin. The body will first heal the overtaxed and congested detoxification organs (kidney and liver). As a result your eczema, in the initial few weeks of this healing program, will get worse because of the cleansing that takes place in the liver and kidney.

I have tried several different forms of detoxing & cleansing formulas over a span of first 2 years of my eczema’s war. This includes, Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse – an 18 days program, Humawork Cleanse – another Parasite Cleanse program that lasted a month. I have minimal die off effects and the eczema didn’t show up in a significant degree.  During which, I had my doubts, and question if I had adopted a wrong strategy. I eagerly wanted to move on to the next protocol, focusing on candidas.. all these were just guessing game, I move on from one protocol to another not knowing what I was doing.

I would say, detoxing had been part of my process to my overall cured. I believed, every steps of detoxing programs I administered, I am one step closer to healing.

To all my comrades, don’t give up. A natural healing for eczema takes patience

3. Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes, in particular protease (proteolytic enzymes) have been shown to be an effective internal anti-inflammatory agent. Enzymes therapy works to calm and control the eczema skin inflammatory reaction by re-balance the inflammatory pathways. Hence, it helps to keep eczema ‘flare-up’ under control.

There are several different types of protease used therapeutically, derived from 4 main forms:

Fungal-based or plant-based: protease, catalase and seaprose

Bacterial-based: serratiopeptidase and nattokinase

Plant-sourced or tropical: Bromelain, papain and ficin

Animal-sourced: pancreatin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin

Protease assists in breaking down the proteins we have eaten when consumed with food. It can be taken between meals if consume for systemic purpose like assist with immune imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, inflammatory conditions, circulatory disorders, skin problems, constipation, water retention, inappropriate blood clots, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

I used this approach for a month after the inflammation had subsided. I stopped, because enzyme supplements were just too costly for me. I am somehow convinced, this is one of the best approach if you begin your treatment by consuming natural whole foods that are rich in enzyme.

4. Probiotics Therapy

Probiotics are beneficial organisms, most of which are normally found in the healthy human gastrointestinal tract. Many different strains of probiotic organisms are in use, which have different but overlapping benefits. Probiotic organisms work through several interrelated mechanisms to promote health at the molecular level.8 They conquer potentially dangerous organisms in the intestine, reducing the risk of infection or toxin-mediated diseases. They regulate immune responses which enhance healthy reactions to dangerous infectious organisms, and they suppress excessive inflammation. Additionally, probiotics promote the function of the intestinal inner lining, enhancing its ability to act as a barrier to the entry of potentially dangerous organisms and chemicals


   1. Miso Soup – Commonly available Asian food – don’t forget the soup!

   2. Yogurt – Plain

   3. Kefir-Go HERE for a recipe that sounds really easy and possibly yummy!

   4. Saurkraut-I’ve got nothing to say about this cause I haven’t tried it.  Apparently you can find preservative free in the freezer section at Whole Foods.  It’s worth a try now that I know it’s high in probiotics!

   5. Kombucha-Never tried this either but it’s rapidly gaining popularity for it’s health benefits, so it’s time to try it-Anyone have suggestions??!!

   6. Apple Cider Vinegar-It contains fermented apples which aids in digestion!  Yes, i tried on and off.

I took probiotic intensively on and off during the early stage when eczema first hit me. I didn’t know the importance of Probiotics back then. I would strongly suggest you to add in probiotics as part of the regimen.

It’s a must to restore the healthy bacteria that typically keep your candida population under control, you should take probiotics on a regular basis. Taking anywhere from 25 to 100 billion units of probiotics should help to reduce the Candida levels and restore your levels of good bacteria.  Finally, healing your gut by eliminating inflammatory foods that can harm your GI tract and introducing foods that aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, will prevent candida from working its way through your body, and will dramatically improve your overall health.

5. Topical Steroid Withdrawal Theory

Topical steroid withdrawal occurs when a patient ceases the application of topical steroid creams on their skin. When this happens, the patient undergoes a withdrawal process which affect his or her physical, psychological and hormonal systems.

You may visit the following link for more information: – This is a non-profit organization helping those with eczema.

Unknowingly, I had used this approach as a mean to heal my eczema,  I stopped using the steroid cream,  doing nothing but simply nursing my wounds.

6. Bio Resonance Therapy

What exactly is Bio Resonance Therapy? It is a method used to diagnose disease or medical conditions based on electromagnetic waves. It is also used for treating conditions associated with “abnormal” electromagnetic waves including pain, headaches, migraine, circulatory conditions, and skin diseases.

With Bio-Resonance Therapy, we can deal with the real underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases. It assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, where the body has the ability to heal and repair.

My Experience with Bio Resonance Therapy

I first contacted my practitioner for a scan, back in Early 2012. My practitioner had detected a compromising digestive disorder in me, I scored worse for my skin condition & allergy. This explaint why I had eczema and why I was at the clinic seeking treatment. Practitioner, Dr Justin, put me on several supplementations and specifically Colon Cleanse, as most natural healers believed, all eczemas began from the gut.

The Bio Resonance did not detect any cancer, high blood, high cholestrol, and all other degenerative diseases, however, the equipment did reflect me being a potential victim of diabetes. My heart fell, upon Dr Justin murmuring, he said, “Go for a diabetes check, and get back to me, it is unlikely you will be diagnosed, being you are young and have no family history of diabetes”. Anyway, I will write on a seperate blog on my brief war for diabetes; check that out.

I was enthralled with my diasgnosis from this approached, and began spreading something no one could utterly or downrightly understood what this equipment & treatment can deliver. Shortly after, I shared this little piece of god send treatment with my cousin, who, then had already detected a pre-cancerous condition in her womb by her gnaecologist.

She was amazed with my bubbly narrative, and wanted to get tested with the Bio-Resonance therapy and thereby, trying out on the treatment. I arranged an appointment with Dr Justin for her. On the day, after Dr Justin, had completed a full scanning on my cousin, he paused and said, ” I found 3 out of 8 cancer spots on you”, could you tell me the health history of your family and if anyone has cancer?”  Well, I have to be very honest, my grandpa, died from stomach cancer,  my uncle died from intestine cancer, 2 of my cousins have nose cancer, and my sister died from stomach cancer too. My family bloodline, have very much been haunted by the Big Letter C.

Back to my findings on my first allergy scan on the Bio-Resonance in Jan 2012, with 48 as an acceptable level, I scored a 25, which was considered a bad indicative allergy conditions. After my first scanned, I seeked bio-resonance treatment intermittenly every several months. When my eczema went obnoxiously viral by Oct/2013, I continued the treatment agressively, from mid nov 2013 for 6 consecutive weeks.

By Jan 2014, after the worse of the eczema had subsided, I had a score of 40 and my wounds had already been healed by almost 90%. From Jan 2012 to April 2014, a span of 2 years and 3 months, showed only a slight improvement of 15 points from bio-scan. My latest scan in Apr 2015, indicated a glories of 53. AhHmm…. I have officially cleared from the allergy zone.

I made a decision for this unconventional treatment, mainly because Bio Resonance therapy treatment, scientifically speaking, applied the law of electromagnetic frequency into detoxification and harmonising overall wellness. I believed, it’s fundamentally essential in building one’s health. With that being said, this is optional,  however, I believe, the extra boost in this treatment, had speed up my healing deadlines.

My 2cents worth of advice, if you have the opportunity to get access to Bio Resonance Therapy, and if it is within your financial affordability, I would urge you to test it out.  Identifying what are the offending foods, help save lots of time, rather then guessing and testing it with uncertainty on your own. In addition, this high techie therapy, could have easily scan out any degenerative diseases embbeded in you and works as an supplementary healing strategy. Trust me, the result is almost 95% (a very humble statistic to say) matches with any findings from the conventional technology .  In fact, it calls out all kind of ailments far ahead from the time before any conventional technology could have detected. Go for it, prevention is better then cure. I checked my Cancer & Diabetes indicator every other years, just to ensure I am at the right track.

PS : If you are residing in Singapore, where I am from, and wish to be scanned / tested / treated at a reasonable rate (about S$55-S80). Send me your request for contact.  You can google it and find any centre in town, I assured you, the charges can go as high as S$150. Well, this is a capitalistic world, at my own wisdom, I found practitioner who had the heart to treat people in need, at a reasonable fee.


Check out iHerb and get up to $5 discount from your first order by using coupon HUV261


And just as every action is motivated by an underlying incentive, every decision has a related consequence. Hope you will continue your search for a cure, if this place is not right for you, never give up. Eczema can be pretty irritating, in fact it’s devastating. Nurse it well. Wishing you get well soon.

Drop me a mail at if you wish to further clarify my protocol.  With no obligations, I would love to share with you.


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