How I Cured My Eczema Naturally

How I Cured My Eczema Naturally

I am not a doctor, neither do I am a nutritionist or an alternative health coach. This website is not intended to cure or diagnose BUT it’s here simply to share and show the world the importance of natural healing and how it worked for me. These natural healings include Proper Diets, Supplementations, Energy Treatment and Exercises. The journey to this will lead to detoxification and ultimately the body to heal naturally by itself.

If you or a loved ones have been affected by eczema, you understand the frustration and discomfort associated with this annoying irritation of the skin. There are numerous types and classifications of eczema, with the most common being referred to as atopic dermatitis. (Check this link for Types of Eczema) Eczema affects people on a wide spectrum of frequency and intensity. Some people have a mild itch and rash for a few hours, which doesn’t return for weeks or months. Other people experience intense itching for long periods of time that causes them to tear their skin open resulting in blisters and oozing lesions that then crust over and create scarring.

When we are on a natural eczema treatment, we embarked ourself with a change of lifestyle, adding wholesome foods, supplements and intensified our cleansing regimens one after another.

If you determine to reverse any illness and want to become healthier and maintaining a good biological body ahead of your time, there is only one person that you can truly count on — that is yourself!! Like me, I take responsibility of my health, my first step is to become better educated about health, especially knowledge of the alternative wellness, (which is not very well informed in the mass media). Invest your time wisely and acquired the knowledge you need, the internet is just 1 click away, you will thanks yourself as you aged!!!

Let’s Begin My Journey To Eczema Natural Cure

Six Choices Of Healing Theories

There are several theories to reversing the balance of our health and these are the strategies I used to reverse my eczema. Please spend some time to acquire this powerful wisdom and thereby deciding what is best for you. These healing theories are to be applied simultaneously if possible, or in a combination of at least 4 or more methods. Read it and decide for yourself.

   1. Topical Steroid Withdrawal Theory

   2. Digestive Enzyme / Digestion & Cleansing

   3. Stop Offensive Food / Introduce Good Dietary

   4. Probiotics

   5. Detoxification

   6. Bio Resonance

Link to brief explanation of above natural healing approach and how I administered and responded to these approach.

About My Eczema Journey

I have several short episodes to eczema breakouts for almost a year before I seriously seek ways to heal myself naturally. I realised I need to do something natural “REAL NATURAL” to get rid of these RASCALS within the body at the CELLULAR level.

I started with many different alternative strategy, such as herbs of which I took various types of supplements, I visited a homeopathy, occasionally I detoxified my organs, and dieting just to name a few. Unfortunately, at that point of time, I do not understand what  detoxification and real healing process was. When the eczema became highly inflamed and manifested itself on my skin with visible intensive flare ups. I construed the fight was somehow out of control. But the fact was, I was indeed in the process of healing. Unknowingly, foolishly I relented the fight and declared my defeat by seeking a conventional treatment, thereby administering steroid cream and anti-biotic (prednisolone) as an asylum. This was in  Oct  2012.

After 3 months faithful used of steroid and prednisolone, it went perfectly well. Everything seems well under control, there were only a few occasions of minor itches with no flare ups, but I noticed there were dark &red spots on the wounds that were never healed. These were probably the remaining of the “dormant critters” manifested on the surface of my skin. I knew that, it wasn’t the end of the war. What’s next…

Shortly after for the next 3 months (Jan 2013 to End March 2013), I continued with another round of natural approach, taking heavy dosage of Probiotics along with bottle after bottle of dried organic Acai, high in omega 3,6,9 and many other supplements. With no response in any signs of die offs, I felt was in a no man’s land.  By early April to May 2013, bravely, I took another radical approached. I embarked onto a parasite herbs cleansing program believing I “might” have parasites or fungus in me. I still did not experience any significant die offs during these times. Yes, The eczema in me was on a LONG LONG HOLIDAY.

Finally, in early July 2013, in the pretext of my quest for beauty, I began another  regimen. I was under strong conviction, determined to remove what is so called unclean in my blood. (After all, real beauty begin from inside out, isnt?) After some researched, almost everything on Eczema & Beauty,  I started to design my own eczema diets and ordered several supplements online from I-herb, believing that, it might clear up the dark spots on my skin while I could achieve an anti-aging forever youthful of me.

Never did I realise, this regimen and supplements, infuriated the old wounded spots and sprouted out fiercely & aggressively. (This occur in end Aug 2013, that was after 2 months of supplementation and a slight changed of my diets) I was panic then, really panic, without much hesitation and at the wit of no other choices, I applied the left over prescripted steroid cream given by my conventional doctor back in Oct 2012. Upon spreading the cream onto those wounds, the inflammation subsided almost within a day and I stopped applying it on the next day. I reapplied only when the itch came back on the next 5 – 7 days. Such vicious cycles went on and forth for a month or two, until I chance upon an article written on the process of inflammation. Viola!!! I finally see the logic to true health and the real process to natural healing.  I thrashed away  the steroid cream, all I did was, nursing my skin as I witnessed these wounds that inflamed and deteriorated day after day, while at that point of time, I religiously googled day and night, seeking advises  from Eczemas’ Bloggers.

By early Nov 2013, (3 weeks after the TSW strategy – I had stopped using the Steroid Cream),  inflammation deteriorated. The good news was, the wounded spots began to dry up for the very first time. I knew I was at the right track then. By 3rd week of November 2013 (6 weeks into inflammation stage – which is the final stage), at the peak of the inflammation process, scabs all over my legs, began peeling off bit by bit. To boost my healing time cycle, I visited a Bio Resonance practitioner to follow up my therapy from mid November 2012 for 6 consecutive weeks on a weekly basis.  The wounds began to heal naturally there after.


The following contains highly gloss graphic & images, so only continue scrolling down if you feel you are able to handle it.

Eczema at it’s peak of inflammation – 25 November 2013

I haven’t got a single flare ups since the last flare-ups. Here is a chart of my Eczema’s journey recorded chronological.


Stopped the used of steroid in early Jan/2013, and started using it intermittently from End/Aug/2013 and completely stopped by Mid/Oct/2013

If you wish to try out on my protocol, I would suggest you adopt the following commandment faithfully :


1st. Stop All Offending Foods – Here are the Links to Foods to Avoid

a) Candida Diet & Foods To Avoid

b) Link To Eczema’s Guru – Highly Recommended

2nd. Stop applying Steroid Cream

3rd.Begin Detoxification Journey – Begin with Colon, follow with the kidney, then the Liver and Lymph Node Cleanse, and finally finished it with the parasite and candidas cleanse.

4th. Pump Nutrients, wholesome foods  Into Your Body .

5th.Providing Energy by Harmonizing One’s Body – Bio Resonance Therapy or acupuncture. Can be done concurrently prior to detox program.

Here are the list of supplements I had ordered:

1.WheatGrass Powder

Brand: Amazing Grass

Function: Detox &Cleanse Digestive, Provide Energy

2.Vitamin C

Brand: Nature’s Way

Function: Anti-Oxidant To Ease Die-Off


Brand: Garden’s Of Life

Function: To Detox & Cleanse Digestive

4.Proline / Lysine

Brand: Source Natural

Function: Remove Toxins From Cell & Healings Skin

5.MSM Powder (Sulfur)

Brand: Jarrow Formula

Function: Releasing Toxins Deep From The Cell (Detox)

6.Omega 3 Oil 3/6/9 (Plant)

Brand: UDO Oil

Function: Nourish Skin & Ease Die-Off

7.Omega 3 Oil (Protein)

Brand: Nordic Naturals

Function: Nourish Skin & Ease Die-Off

8.Raw Garlic

Buy From Grocery

To Fight Inflammation

Item 1 to 7 – Order from Iherb,  Item 8 – Bought it from Grocery Store

I would suggest you read through all other articles in this website before embarking into any healing programs. This link explained,  Why I Took These Supplements


In the course of my health journey, i have learned that, conventional medicine are more likely a legalised drug marketers solely to manage symptoms, and not to address the underlying causes. The truth is, we are poisoning ourselves to death. Our soil, air and water supplies continue to be polluted with harmful toxins. Our food supplies continue to show a decline in their nutritious value due to the ongoing loss of minerals in the agriculture industry. The widespread use of harmful pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals to grow, and the unnatural ways to producing fish, poultry meat, and dairy products. All these, lead to the deficiency of nutrients our body desperately needed in this modern environment, and thus continue to cause many major degenerative and auto immune diseases.

With all that being said, I believe it is best off getting our nutrients from healthful, whole organic foods. While, I am also realistic, and I understand a perfect diet is hard to come by these days, so with some quality supplements, I believe can be very beneficial and speed up any recovery.

Good Luck To You Research & Your Healing Journey. Hope my healing story inspire you.

 Check out iHerb and get up to $5 Discount from your first order by using coupon HUV261



And just as every action is motivated by an underlying incentive, every decision has a related consequence. Hope you will continue your search for a cure, if this place is not right for you, never give up. Eczema can be pretty irritating, in fact it’s devastating. Nurse it well. Wishing you get well soon.

Drop me a mail at if you wish to further clarify my protocol.  With no obligations, I would love to share with you.


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